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So it's been five years...

Mar. 6th, 2014 | 08:54 pm
location: Home
mood: excitedexcited
music: Let It Go -- Frozen

I admit some folk might really wonder about me. I'm afraid to say that my social skills are very odd compared to most people. It wasn't until recently that someone pointed out to me that it's rather rude to just drop off the face of the Earth for a month or two, let alone a few years. Let me begin by apologizing to anyone who might read this who knew me in 2009. In spite of my good sense when it comes to fiction writing, I'm afraid dealing with real people is just not my cup of tea.

That being said, I'm going to be a teacher in fall 2015. I like to believe that I've grown quite some bit since I left the fandom community. I will not promise. That being said, I've decided to dive headfirst back into the story I was writing all that time ago, Devil's Game. I'm very pleased to say that I've asked a highly respected member of the community to be my alpha, in order to keep the story straight. I shall only reveal her at a later date. The social ignorance I earlier spoke of just realized I haven't asked if she wanted to be revealed as the alpha. *sigh*

All of that being said, I'd like to welcome back any readers who might still be about. I will update here when it's been loaded to the Petulant Poetess.

Five years is a long time. It's half a decade. So, in the spirit of catching folk up on what I've been doing since, I will tell what I can.

The man to which my last posts alluded agreed to be my husband in May of 2012. Just one month after the hidden post, I was pregnant with our first child. My little girl was born in September of 2010. It was a very difficult pregnancy. She is three now, and recently diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. As you can imagine, it was a very difficult time raising a developmentally delayed child while working full time and going to school full time. My husband has assumed the role of househusband due to a great many factors.

I also found myself with several unknown medical issues and compounding financial issues, and quickly spiraled into a deep depression. For the three years since my daughter's birth, I'd been in a depressive haze. I was taking eight different medications for this, that, and the next thing. Last year, for the first time, I stepped into a classroom for observation. The kids were rowdy, obnoxious, but they were adorable, too. I took joy in being able to instruct. At the end of my observation, I vowed that the depression that had kept me in its almighty jaws since time immemorial was at its end.

Some people might say what I did was incredibly risky and stupid. I know a lot of psychologists who would say exactly that. I took myself off of the drugs, including the antidepressant. I will not say it was easy. Death looked pretty good for a while there. My husband really helped me through a lot. I had to re-learn how to deal with emotions, because they had been unequivocally killed off and leveled for over ten years.

The good with the bad. Not only did I have to deal with the rage, the bone-deep sadness, the weariness, but I had the bewildering sense of having to deal with euphoria as well. There are still some days where I am in awe of how happy and bubbly I can be. There are also still days where I feel the flash of white-hot rage, the likes of which I had not felt since I was only sixteen years old.

But the side effects? I wanted to draw again. I wanted to help my little one learn to look me in the eyes with her gorgeous baby blues. Listen to her adorable sounds-like-a-mermaid-underwater voice request Doritos by pointing to a picture of Ruffles chips and say "chip, chip, chip," over and over again. And, finally and at long last... I wanted to write again.

So here I am, working on Devil's Game again. My alpha's got just as busy a life, but she's the first one to welcome me back and she deserves to read it first, I think. She has Chapter 18 right now. And I'm midway through Chapter 19. In spite of the darkness that has been the last five years, there has been unspeakable light, too. I've learned more. I've grown. And I feel, with my new life experiences as a mum and a teacher and a wife, that I can do this more than I ever could have before.

I'm ready! Are you?

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Updates on the UK's happy life!

Oct. 5th, 2009 | 10:12 pm
location: kitchen table
mood: cheerfulcheerful
music: Life is a Highway - Rascal Flats

Sooo... why has UK been mysteriously absent from so many places? Well, lots of things have been happening IRL, including some very hot sexxors of her own. =P I have found the perfect man for me - sweet, kind, caring, forgetful, loving, sexy, blue-eyed, understanding, scary when needs be, and very mellow and did I mention he cares about me? o.o; Yes, I do believe I did. We have now been dating for three months (it's been that long?) and everything is smooth sailing!

I have also been playing D&D. A lot. And making a homebrew Harry Potter based on the d20 system, which I'll gladly give to anyone who would like to try it. =) I have yet to decide where my players (boyfriend, boyfriend's brother, and my own baby bro) will be playing - pre-Voldy War 1, during Voldy War 1, between Voldy War 1 and 2, during Harry Potter's years, or post Voldy War 2. Really tempted to do it during and find out how much they change the original timeline, especially considering they are mostly unknowledgeable of the HP universe. But adding three additional boys... I may be able to convince my boyfriend to play a girl. o.o;

Anyways, outside of all that, I've been painting like a mad woman (sadly no HP art, planning one now, though) and studying just as hard. Biology is still kicking my arse. WHO decided that teachers needed advanced Biology?! The kind where dissecting goes on?! Rawrs!

Funny enough, I'm acing my Physics class. No surprise there.

I've been drawn into playing FarmVille with my mother, the elder little brother, my dad, my boyfriend's dad, my boyfriend's mom, and several folk from the church-that-formerly-was-mine.

I'm teetering between going back and seeing if God still hates me. =P

Also been cleaning house. House is clean. o.o; It is an accomplishment with three lazy men, seven dogs, and eight cats. ^^; Going camping for fall break at the Crater of Diamonds. =D

Anyways, when I've got some time I'll be reading/reviewing again... and hopefully working on Devil's Game more than fleshing out my timelines. XD

Love you all very very very much!

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Hiatus and a cute pic...

Sep. 1st, 2009 | 10:51 am
location: homedesk
mood: frustratedfrustrated

Hey, guys, my school has begun and I'm totally in over my head in Biology. @__@ Soooo... I shall prolly have to go on Internetz Hiatus for a little bit, till I get used to my schedule more. I am quite enjoying my new Art class, though (Intermediate Watercolor) and I shall prolly be posting paintings on dA soon. ;)

Also... here is an uber-cute Snarry that I thought ya'll might enjoy!!


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New Video...

Aug. 5th, 2009 | 07:37 pm
location: homebed
mood: crazycrazy
music: I'm Yours

Hey, ya'll, bet you're all wondering what the heck the REAL UK looks like. Well... I just uploaded a video that my ex taped and edited in which I played an odd British commercial host. There is a bit of a dirty joke in it, but it's rated like PG-13 ish. More like PG, but I wanna be careful. =P

The girl with the "Stupid People" grey t-shirt is me.

And yes, we really did that to my bathroom.


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Joined OWL and update on Devil's Game

Aug. 3rd, 2009 | 07:07 pm
location: bedroom
mood: cheerfulcheerful
music: I'm Yours - Jason Mraz

I finally decided to join the On-line Wizarding Library (otherwise known as OWL) after reading how much fun Miss miamadwyn was having as a Gryffindor. However, because I like playing by the rules more than anything, I decided to take the test listed and see which house I ended up in. It actually determined that I was quite borderline between Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, but more Ravenclaw. So, here are my shiny new badgeless Ravenclaw robes:

Special Special
May June
August September
November December

Also, I just got back the Story Val on TPP =). Devil's Game chapter is up and ready for reading pleasure!

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New Banner for Devil's Game

Jul. 26th, 2009 | 11:10 pm
location: Bedroom
mood: cheerfulcheerful
music: Love Game - Lady Gaga

Okay, ya'll might find me a little weird after this, so fair warning, lol. The TWO boyfriends total that I have ever been with kinda just fell in my lap. I never went on what one would really call a date. My first bf was homeless, so we hung out at work (where I met him) until we moved in together because I'm an idiot who can't keep herself from helping people I care about out. ^^; The second bf was a friend who became a boyfriend.

So I've never really been on what one would call a "first date" in the traditional sense, ie, you meet up somewhere, or he picks you up, and you go out somewhere to get to know one another a little better.

I went on my first date eva last night with a very kind man I met online through a personals site. I was a little apprehensive about meeting him (we've chatted maybe twice on the compy), but once I did it was like insta-click. If I believed in love at first sight, it'd be something like this. Our auras just meshed, and we sat in Starbucks and talked and talked and talked for like six hours. o.o I didn't even realize how much time had passed till the sun went down. XD

And then we went to the movies at the drive-in and chatted MORE. I'm SO GLAD to have found someone who will yell at the characters/director with me without looking at me like I'm retarded/insane.

We've agreed to be friends first because I'm insanely overprotective of my heart after the last two boyfriends and he's a little wary, too.

=) Still can't help but grin whenever I think about him. And that's happening a lot lately. ^^;

Anyways, the other reason I decided to post today is that I spent the past six hours or so doing my very first Photo manip in GIMP. And I wanted to share it. I decided to just make a banner thingie for Devil's Game, so I might end up using it. Here's the linkie: Devil's Game Banner

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Demon Within

Jul. 23rd, 2009 | 04:12 pm
location: Chemistry Class
mood: chipperchipper
music: Somebody - Nickelback

Soooo... I felt like writing a short snapshot of my favorite (and oldest OCs) couple, Bridget Wolf and Jirkle. Just to mention, Jirkle is extremely tall (like 6'6") and has pale blue hair, blue eyes, tanned skin, bat-wing ears with red smiley tattoos, and a rubber ducky tattoo on his chest. He also has a tail with fire on the end. Bri is short (5'1") with short brown hair, gold eyes, and is completely human. Her face is rather round for someone so slender.

Anyways, here it is.

The Demon Within

Jirkle slid in between the soft jersey sheets of the bed, trapping Bri's short legs to the mattress with his hips. She reached up between them and pulled at his bat-wing ears lovingly. They were ridged around the edges, smooth skin and hot leather all at once. The tattooed red smiley face on the right undulated under her touch.

"Ducky, don't do that," he murmured softly.

"Why?" she asked, wide-eyedly curious.

"Because I don't know what will happen if you set me off," he said, nuzzling down between her pert breasts. "I am a demon, lest you forgot."

"Oh, I haven't forgotten at all." She lifted her hips into his and stroked the spot directly at the base of one ear.

Bri Wolf did not show up for class the next morning. She didn't give a damn.

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Lots of news

Jul. 17th, 2009 | 11:28 pm
location: Home Bed
mood: creativecreative
music: Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day

Sooo I completed the other two prompts for hpcon_envy and figured I should prolly link the rest of ya'll up in case you're not already following the fun. By the way, if you like Harry Potter at all, you should really check out what these women can dish up. Especially lulabelle72, geminiscorp, and miamadwyn. I'm prolly forgetting a slew of folk.

Anyways, the links are (because I'm being lazy):

How Teddy Helped Defeat Lord Voldemort. Sort Of.


The first one is the TeddyLupin/LilyEvans ficlet, How Teddy Helped Defeat Lord Voldemort. Sort Of, more a general fic than romance. The other one is Bottlecaps, which is a Lucius/Luna gentle romance. And of course, a lil down on my own page is the Kingsley/Hermione ficlet, Coffee Shop. I still like that one best, I think. =)

As for news on Devil's Game, I've FINALLY gotten through the sticky scene with Severus that was causing me such grief. I'm writing a mile a minute through that again, thank the gods. The newest chapter is in the queue (numba 11, last I checked) on www.thepetulantpoetess.com. I think ya'll are going to like plotting, scheming Mione. I know I do.

In other news (gee, I'm just full of news tonight!), I myself am scheming up something. I am slowly going to build up my way to getting out of my parents' house. As much as I love them (my mom especially), I am going insane with their restrictive rules. >.> Supposed to be a grown woman and I can't even decide when I want to leave the house. Or if I can date. I miss having my own place. Soooo... going to buy a car and a cell phone and then I'll see if I can afford the 400 dollars for the studio apartment I found plus food. (The apartment pays all the other bills like electric and water and trash.) Ugh. I need a job.

And yeah, I told my mom that I wanted to move out and I wanted to see if she would continue to help. Uhhh... she refused. >.> In fact, she got all "I gonna disown you if you leave!" on me again. Yeah. Didn't happen last time when I moved 1500 miles away. Doubt it'll happen when I move ten. Still, I'd rather stand on my own two feet, dammit.

School is going okay. I just finished a test on Thursday, but I felt uber ill afterward so I skipped my lab. >.> Yeah, yeah, beat me up, I already do it to myself. I haven't missed a single class all summer. 15 points isn't going to kill a 1000 point grade.

I wants to visit my Stephie. D=

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Midnight Showing!!

Jul. 14th, 2009 | 09:50 pm
location: Bedroom
mood: giddygiddy
music: Love is a Battlefield, Jordin Sparks

ZOMG I am sooooo excited ya'll! So, ever since the Harry Potter movies came out I've been absolutely DYING to go the a midnight showing. I've never been able to because of school. Well, since my class is in the afternoon this time around (no small amount of thank you gods and goddesses that my baby bro wants to go this time, too), I get to go!

Yeah, I just had to wait through five movies.

I'm BOUNCING in my seat with happy happy giddy glee!

Okay, details for how this came about: Apparently, the Starlight Drive-In here in town is giving a midnight showing on a first-come, first serve basis. We live just down the street from them, so we'll be leaving about ten minutes before they start letting folk in. I have money (for once in my life) and an open vehicle (also for once in my life).

It is now five minutes to ten. They start letting people in... in about an hour and a half.


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My first Con Envy Post

Jul. 14th, 2009 | 01:23 am
location: Home
mood: cheerfulcheerful
music: Damaged - Danity Kane

Cross-posted from hpcon_envy

Soooo, basically, I saw this prompt right before heading into Chem class and it just exploded in the back of my head the whole time I was SUPPOSED to be focusing on balancing redox equations. So, this is for you, gelsey. And for the other lovely ladies who were eager to see what I'd do with it.

As usual, un-beta-ed.

TitleThe Coffee Shop
Rating PGish
Characters/PairingsHermione/Kingsley, brief mention of Hermione/Ron, Harry/Ginny
PromptFriendship and coffee
Summary Straddling that line between friends and friendlier, Kingsley offers a way to distract her from her troubles.

The Coffee ShopCollapse )

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